Swiss Accelerator & Startup Innovation Projects

Swiss Accelerator
& Startup Innovation Projects

Switzerland, renowned for its robust commitment to research and development, has topped the charts as the most innovative economy for twelve consecutive years. Innosuisse has initiated several programs that offer valuable resources and funding opportunities to startups and SMEs, such as the Swiss Accelerator Programme and the Start-up Innovation Project Programme.

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Swiss Accelerator

The Swiss Accelerator Programme is custom-designed to support Swiss startups and SMEs that employ up to 250 full-time employees (FTEs) and are already in the post-market-entry phase. This programme aims to guide new and innovative products and services to market, particularly on scalable projects. It will remain in operation for as long as Switzerland is not associated with Horizon Europe. Innosuisse commits to funding up to CHF 2.5 million for each project chosen under this programme.

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Start-up Innovation Projects

This programme targets startups with up to 50 FTEs that are still in the pre-market-entry stage. The main objective here is to provide financial support to help innovation projects develop scalable products or services, particularly those that include application-oriented research. This programme is a permanent part of Innosuisse's long-term funding portfolio, and there isn't a specified upper limit on the funding that a successful project can receive.

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