Energy & Cleantech Success Stories

TiHive Logo

€2.4 Million

Horizon 2020: SME Instrument

Sustainable solutions for industry and manufacturing

TiHive helps industries to optimise the use of raw materials & reducing waste using our distributed and inline monitoring systems.

Their solution uses state-of-the-art in-line monitoring systems based on terahertz see-through vision technology allied to deep learning that monitors raw material usage and uncovers and processes hidden features within products in real time.

FaradaIC Logo

€5 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Accelerator

Miniaturised Gas Sensors to enable new sensing possibilities in IoT devices

FaradaIC brings to the market the first miniaturised electrochemical O2 gas sensor to enable new sensing opportunities across different industries.

They combine the world of cutting-edge synthetic chemistry and advanced materials with semiconductor manufacturing and microfabrication to achieve smaller, cost-effective and power-efficient gas sensor technology.

Epishine Logo

€2.3 Million

Horizon 2020: SME Instrument

Leading developer and provider of printed organic solar cells

Epishine developed a portfolio of products for indoor light energy harvesting & efficiency monitoring.

Their optimised maintenance solution reduces or eliminates disposable batteries.

Climate impact reduction up to 97%.

Elonroad Logo

€4.5 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Accelerator

On-the-go charging system for heavy electric vehicles in ports and other closed-loop applications

Elonroad created an electric road system that can charge any heavy vehicle (in motion or parked).

Their system will enable electric transition for port diesel-powered vehicles and machinery, allowing for the reduction of CO2 emissions.

e-peas Logo

€8.5 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Accelerator

Ultra-low power semiconductor technologies for IoT devices

e-peas develops ultra-low-power high performances circuits for easy-to-use and reliable sensor nodes by increasing their battery lifetime and ultimately making them energy-autonomous.

Their energy harvesters allow IoT devices to use ambient energy (solar, thermal, vibration, radio) to recharge batteries while our sensing solutions and our microcontrollers optimise/reduce energy consumption.

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