Team & Contacts

We are European public fundraising experts, with offices in Sweden, United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Poland

Zaz Ventures Central ¦ Square de Meeus 35 ¦ 1000 Brussels ¦ Belgium ¦ Tel: +32 6 98 100 87

Zaz Ventures South  ¦ Hansmatt 32 ¦ 6370 Stans ¦ Switzerland ¦ Tel: +41 315 190 109

Zaz Ventures West ¦ 24 Greville St. ¦ EC1N 8SS London ¦ UK ¦ Tel: +44 203 286 280

We always look for the best and the brightest. If you have a passion for innovation and a significant track record writing grant proposals in ultra-competitive funding programmes, we want to hear from you!


Here is a sample of the profiles in our team. Do you want to be part of it? Contact us at

Xavier Aubry

Managing Partner

Seasoned ICT & medtech entrepreneur

Education: D.V.M. Alfort School, M.B.A. Harvard Business School.

Specialties: ICT, Security, Manufacturing, Circular Economy, Health.

Languages: English, French. 

Stephan Decher

Managing Partner

Commercial director & corporate financier

Education: B.A. Mannheim University, M.B.A. London Business School.

Specialties: Cleantech, Energy, Transport.

Languages: English, German.

Vladimir Bataev

EIC Accelerator Manager

Smart city & smart urban solutions expert

Education: B.Sc. Belarusian State University.

Specialties: ICT, Smart Cities, Cleantech. Languages: English, Russian, Dutch.

Susanne Oliver

Principal Consultant

Equity analyst & investor relations consultant

Education: B.A. Oxford University.

Specialties: Cleantech, Energy, Manufacturing.

Languages: English, German.

Leandra Berisha

Senior Consultant

Public funding expert

Education: M.Sc. Institute for European Studies, VUB

Specialties: EIC accelerator

Languages: English, Italian, Albanian

Antonella Rivieccio

Proposal Manager

Experienced EU project manager

Education: M.Sc. Naples University

Specialties: Social innovation, ICT

Language: English, French, Italian