Success Stories

Here are a few of our success stories covering artificial intelligence, quantum computing, synthetic biology, among other domains.


European leader for superconducting quantum computers

Quantum computers with application-specific processors streamlined in a hardware-software codesign.

Partners—Atos, Google, VTT, etc.

The largest seed round in Finland—€11m.

€2.5m grant & €15m equity from the EIC Accelerator.


Low-cost, low-power IoT connectivity

Sensors send the data to nanosatellites.

Remote pressure & temperature monitoring.

Realtime monitoring of runtime to reduce downtimes.

Launched satellites with SpaceX.

€2.5m grant & €15m equity from EIC Accelerator.


Modular wind power towers in composite materials

Already installed the tallest wooden wind power tower in Europe.

Developed & patented technology to reach 150+ m heights.

Enables radical reductions in emissions by replacing emission-heavy material such as steel & concrete.

Lower weight & dimensions mean easy transportation by roads.


Robotic & AI solution for mass sorting & packaging of sterile mosquitos

Supressing mosquito-born diseases that kill thousands of people annually.

Automatic real-time detection & counting.

Packaging 1m mosquitos daily.

Releasing by vans, drones & aircraft.

5+ interview rehearsals.

€2.3m grant & €10m equity from EIC Accelerator.


Global technology leader in ultracapacitor energy storage

Patented curved graphene—the biggest technological advancement in the industry in the last 20 years.

Higher power & energy densities than batteries.

Automotive, transportation, grid & industrial applications.


Autonomous guidance, navigation & control for aircraft of today & tomorrow

Building AI to fly better & safer than human pilots.

Building AI to pass the test for human pilots—certifying neural networks.

Short-term GTM—avionics, long-term—VTOLs.

CEO—recipient of Google Founders Award.

Team—ex-Google, Tesla, Airbus, Rolls Royce, etc.


AI for agriculture industry

Hardware & software to increase the yield of dairy cattle farmers.

AI-based predictive intelligence to run farms most efficiently.

Company endorsed by the Google CEO.

Top-notch founders from Microsoft, Google, etc.

CEO won the Web Summit pitch competition.


Reprogramming the microbiome

Developing a new class of targeted biotherapeutic agents to selectively intervene on the microbiome.

Using proprietary methods in synthetic biology, protein & genome engineering to create eligobiotics—genetic circuits packaged in phage-based delivery vectors used to diagnose, eradicate, or functionalize targeted microbial populations.