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€3.98 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Pathfinder

Photon-Atom Non-linearities and Deterministic Applications via arrays

The PANDA project will design an array of neutral strontium atoms with subwavelength spacing to enable lossless, deterministic photon-photon interactions.

This setup, combined with efficient single-photon handling, will enable powerful non-linear operations with several quantum information processing applications.


€3.95 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Pathfinder

Alternative approaches to superconducting qubit technology

The FERROMON project will advance two novel superconducting qubit designs that do not introduce undesirable magnetic fields to the system.

Three of Europe’s leading quantum startups will integrate these alternative qubit types into prototype full-stack systems to test the implications of these novel approaches on scalability and performance quality.


€4.42 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Pathfinder

Minimally invasive graphene-based implant for treating brain disorders

The MINIGRAPH project aims to develop and validate innovative brain implants with closed-loop neuromodulation capabilities controlled by implanted electronics units and miniature arrays of graphene microelectrodes.

The project will introduce a minimally invasive, high-precision implantation procedure using a single small skull incision.

HBOX Therapies Logo
HBOX Therapies

€8.44 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Accelerator

Miniaturised respiratory assist to treat acute lung failure patients using a breakthrough hyperbaric technology

HBOX Therapies developed Miniaturised Respiratory Assist, an innovative hyperoxygenation therapy that combines unrivalled blood oxygenation and CO2 removal to treat acute lung failure patients.

Miniaturised Respiratory Assist therapy has outstanding cost-effectiveness and improved patient outcomes by avoiding or limiting the need for invasive mechanical ventilation and further respiratory deterioration in these patients.

Ever Dye Logo
Ever Dye

€7.5 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Accelerator

Plug-and-play sustainable dyeing solution to help the textile industry reduce energy costs and environmental impact

Ever Dye pioneered an innovative dyeing process with a bio-sourced pigment, effectively detoxifying the textile industry, diminishing GHG emissions, and significantly reducing energy costs by enabling dyeing at room temperature.

Their breakthrough technology allows dyeing houses and fashion brands to achieve substantial savings while adhering to the growing demand for emission reduction across the textile value chain.

QustomDot Logo

€6 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Accelerator

Efficient heavy metal-free colour conversion ink technology for microLED applications

QustomDot developed an all-around heavy metal-free quantum dot for midroLED displays and other applications.

Their quantum dots are RoHS-compliant while combining high stability under high light flux with the excellent optical properties required by the microLED applications.

ValCUN Logo

€7.5 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Accelerator

Aluminium Additive Manufacturing with Molten Metal Deposition technology

ValCUN created an additive manufacturing technology to answer the need for complex aluminium parts, which can be expensive and challenging to produce.

Their technology is based on Molten Metal Deposition, a unique single-step metal additive manufacturing technology, with an initial focus on aluminium.

Swave Logo

€17.49 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Accelerator

Holographic eXtended Reality for Augmented Reality and lifelike immersive displays

Swave created Holographic eXtended Reality specifically for digital holography.

Their novel chipset with supporting systems and algorithms capable of generating and displaying high-fidelity dynamic holographic imagery and enables display manufacturers to create immersive, ultra-high resolution holographic displays.

Peptinov Logo

€8.05 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Accelerator

An active immunotherapy for the treatment of osteoarthritis

Peptinov developed an active immunotherapy that can halt inflammation-driven destruction of the cartilage in the joints in osteoarthritis.

Their vaccine-like approach stimulates the patient’s own immune system to produce antibodies against the excess production of inflammatory proteins.

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