Space & Transport Success Stories

Lumi Logo

€12.5 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Accelerator

Revolutionising space sustainability through precise and scalable Satellite Laser Ranging

Lumi Space’s revolutionary satellite laser ranging (SLR) platform tracks objects in LEO with 1,000x greater accuracy than current solutions.

Their platform will enable satellite operators to act decisively on collision avoidance, reduce operational/insurance costs, and create new markets in active debris removal & satellite servicing/proximity operations.

Greenerwave Logo

€12.5 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Accelerator

The first high-performance, low-cost flat panel antenna that can unlock the full potential of satellite-based broadband communications

Greenerwave is developing a new type of flat panel antenna for the Ka-band using proprietary beamforming technologies that shift the complexity from HW to SW.

Antennas made using their technology have both low production costs and low exploitation costs (energy consumption is at least 5x compared to state-of-the-art).

Zero Point Motion Logo
Zero Point Motion

€2.4 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Accelerator

High-performance inertial sensors for satellite and drone applications

Zero Point Motion’s Inertial Measurement Units look the same as standard chips used in drones, cars and robots but bring a significant performance improvement that has so far been inaccessible for mass volume markets.

Their Inertial Measurement Units will be the world's 1st commercial optomechanical inertial sensors with 100x lower noise than existing solutions in the market.

Hydromea Logo

€2.5 Million

SERI: Swiss Accelerator

Drone service for underwater operation

Hydromea developed a unique autonomous underwater drone platform to disrupt the submerged asset inspections in the offshore and onshore industries.

Their technology helps reduce the carbon footprint, cost and safety risks associated with the existing technologies.

Skeleton Technologies Logo
Skeleton Technologies

€3.6 Million

Horizon 2020: SME Instrument

Global technology leader in supercapacitor energy storage, enabling electrification and reducing CO2 emissions

Skeleton Technologies ultracapacitors, a graphene-based energy storage solution, offer high power density (30% more than batteries), are extremely reliable in different conditions (-40°C to 65°C), and are constructed from abundant materials that can be recycled easily.

They work with some of the largest companies in the world - from leading Tier One automotive firms and industrial equipment OEMs to truck fleet operators and aerospace prime contractors.

Nuventura Logo

€8 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Accelerator

Novel dry air switchgear technology for industrial applications

Nuventura develops medium voltage gas insulated switchgear which replaces the SF6 - the world's strongest greenhouse gas - with dry air.

Their dry air switchgear is sustainable, safe & reliable.

Tripleye (Myestro Interactive) Logo
Tripleye (Myestro Interactive)

€5.4 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Accelerator

Precise automatic camera alignment for autonomous vehicles

Tripleye invented a Circular optical perception technology based on next-generation computer vision and optics for advanced automation streamlining.

Their technology offers a revolutionary solution for the safe and efficient operation of earthmoving, material handling, and automated guided vehicles.

Transmetrics Logo

€4 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Accelerator

AI for logistics optimisation

Transmetrics delivers solutions for logistics optimisation using data science to forecast logistics needs in different locations with >90% accuracy day-by-day.

Their technology enables the calculation of the most cost-efficient plan to reposition, store & maintain shipping cargo.

Tilkal Logo

€3.6 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Accelerator

Blockchain-based traceability and transparency platform for supply chain monitoring

Tilkal platform enables to take control of their supply chain, increase transparency and prepare to comply with upcoming and existing regulations.

Their technology will be a backbone for Industry 4.0 companies offering data-sharing networks with algorithms for supply chain analysis in agrifood, textiles, cosmetics, minerals, and more.

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