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€4.42 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Pathfinder

Minimally invasive graphene-based implant for treating brain disorders

The MINIGRAPH project aims to develop and validate innovative brain implants with closed-loop neuromodulation capabilities controlled by implanted electronics units and miniature arrays of graphene microelectrodes.

The project will introduce a minimally invasive, high-precision implantation procedure using a single small skull incision.

HBOX Therapies Logo
HBOX Therapies

€8.44 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Accelerator

Miniaturised respiratory assist to treat acute lung failure patients using a breakthrough hyperbaric technology

HBOX Therapies developed Miniaturised Respiratory Assist, an innovative hyperoxygenation therapy that combines unrivalled blood oxygenation and CO2 removal to treat acute lung failure patients.

Miniaturised Respiratory Assist therapy has outstanding cost-effectiveness and improved patient outcomes by avoiding or limiting the need for invasive mechanical ventilation and further respiratory deterioration in these patients.

Peptinov Logo

€8.05 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Accelerator

An active immunotherapy for the treatment of osteoarthritis

Peptinov developed an active immunotherapy that can halt inflammation-driven destruction of the cartilage in the joints in osteoarthritis.

Their vaccine-like approach stimulates the patient’s own immune system to produce antibodies against the excess production of inflammatory proteins.

Rest Therapeutics Logo
Rest Therapeutics

€2.49 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Accelerator

Novel class of therapeutics for PTSD treatment and other neurodegenerative disorders

ReST Therapeutics developed breakthrough therapies to treat complex central nervous system disorders, in particular, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder under its various forms, followed by Alzheimer's Disease.

Their lead candidate - FENM, is a novel and proprietary chemical entity that facilitates stress release and neuroprotection without triggering adverse side effects of current NMDA-targeting drugs.

Molecular Attraction Logo
Molecular Attraction

€2.5 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Accelerator

Environment-friendly mosquito control with pheromones

Molecular Attraction pioneers in mosquito-specific phagostimulants and pheromones.

Their solution enables the control of mosquito behaviour using minute quantities of highly effective, affordable and perfectly green semiochemicals.

Cephalgo Logo

€2.5 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Accelerator

Emotion recognition for applications in psychiatric treatment

Cephalgo developed the first accurate, remote & continuous emotion tracker to monitor treatment effectiveness and predict the best course of treatment for a given patient profile.

Their technology combines electroencephalography & an AI-driven emotion recognition algorithm. It can detect emotions with 88% accuracy & predict the best treatment to reduce the trial-and-error approach currently employed in psychiatry.


€3.6 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Pathfinder

Analytical platform tailored for cell & gene therapy manufacturing

The PAT4CTG project aims to enable in-line continuous monitoring of key cell culture parameters during therapy manufacturing.

The consortium will develops a self-contained instrument that connects miniaturized biosensor technologies to a novel bioreactor to allow automation of the entire cell therapy manufacturing process in a closed system.

Vitala Technologies Logo
Vitala Technologies

€75 000

Horizon Europe: WomenTechEU

De-risking the drug discovery process

Vitala brings together multiple new patented technologies to develop an efficient and ethical efficacy-of-treatment analysis system that will revolutionise drug discovery and personalised medicine.

Through Hyperpolarized-Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging, organ-on-a-chip technology, and advanced data analytics, Vitala can deliver deep insights into metabolic kinetics at the cellular and tissue level, in real-time and with micromolar sensitivity.


€10 Million

Horizon Europe: Research and Innovation Action

Optimising and predicting antidepressant efficacy using multi-omics analysis and AI-predictive tool

The OPADE project will identify critical biomarkers that support the decision-making process of healthcare providers by focusing on the microbiota–brain axis, which plays a central role in mental health and major depressive disorders.

By studying genetics, epigenetics, microbiomes and inflammatory networks to establish patient profiles, the project will predict and optimise antidepressant efficacy.

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