Artificial Intelligence Success Stories

Swave Logo

€17.49 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Accelerator

Holographic eXtended Reality for Augmented Reality and lifelike immersive displays

Swave created Holographic eXtended Reality specifically for digital holography.

Their novel chipset with supporting systems and algorithms capable of generating and displaying high-fidelity dynamic holographic imagery and enables display manufacturers to create immersive, ultra-high resolution holographic displays.

Axelera AI Logo
Axelera AI

€17.59 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Accelerator

A hardware & software platform to revolutionise artificial intelligence at the edge

Axelera designed a hardware and software platform optimised for inference at the edge.

Their solution will accelerate the latest generation of neural network models for computer vision, natural language processing and generative AI to revolutionise how we use AI at a fraction of the costs and power consumption of available solutions.

Vsora Logo

€12.5 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Accelerator

Scalable processor for edge AI and decentralised AIoT applications

Vsora developed a patented companion chip for AI and digital signal processing, Tyr, to create a paradigm shift in context-aware processing and transform industries such as Autonomous Driving, Extended Reality and Generative AI.

Their technology has exceptional processing power and high implementation efficiency giving unprecedented true processing power while consuming low power and cost.

Acwa Robotics Logo
Acwa Robotics

€2.48 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Accelerator

Autonomous robotics to create a digital twin of water networks to improve operational cost for water infrastructure performance

Acwa Robotics aims to revolutionise the water industry through the development and commercialisation of an innovative robotic inspection system.

Their robotic inspection system offers a comprehensive insight into the condition of water pipelines and their structural integrity and identifies leaks that will improve water infrastructure operations.

Cephalgo Logo

€2.5 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Accelerator

Emotion recognition for applications in psychiatric treatment

Cephalgo developed the first accurate, remote & continuous emotion tracker to monitor treatment effectiveness and predict the best course of treatment for a given patient profile.

Their technology combines electroencephalography & an AI-driven emotion recognition algorithm. It can detect emotions with 88% accuracy & predict the best treatment to reduce the trial-and-error approach currently employed in psychiatry.


€2.8 Million

Horizon Europe: EIC Pathfinder

Emergent Awareness from Minimal Collectives

The EMERGE project will enable emergent collaborative awareness among collectives of minimal artificial beings without predefined protocols.

EMERGE’s framework will offer insight that will foster allocation of awareness to optimise achievement of desired outcomes.

Zaphiro Technologies Logo
Zaphiro Technologies

€2.5 Million

SERI: Swiss Accelerator

Enabling the energy transition with a breakthrough smart grid solution

Zaphiro Technologies develops SynchroGuard: a novel monitoring & automation system enabling real-time visibility of grid conditions.

Their technology also enables safe integration of renewables, rapid response to electrical faults, and blackout prevention.

Kandou Logo

€2.5 Million

SERI: Swiss Accelerator

Next-gen chips for faster and more reliable wired connections

Kandou develops a new family of semiconductor products to miniaturize data centres & reduce their energy consumption.

With their novel semiconductor technology, the data centres can get smaller, energy-efficient & easy to cool.

Hydromea Logo

€2.5 Million

SERI: Swiss Accelerator

Drone service for underwater operation

Hydromea developed a unique autonomous underwater drone platform to disrupt the submerged asset inspections in the offshore and onshore industries.

Their technology helps reduce the carbon footprint, cost and safety risks associated with the existing technologies.

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